Guided Manatee Tours

Enjoy Guided Manatee Tours

The chance to swim with manatees is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This rare and protected species is found along the waterways of Crystal River. A gentle giant, the manatee is happy to glide peacefully through the water. The Crystal River is home to a manatee refuge, and it is possible to see this animal between November and March every year. Calm and docile, you are able to swim with manatees if you follow a few basic rules. Never chase or disturb a manatee that is resting or eating. The animal is protected by several federal acts, and failure to follow directions can result in a $100,000 fine and jail time. If following the rules, manatees are happy to have you swim alongside them, and photograph or video them if left undisturbed.


Paddles Outdoor Rentals is happy to offer guided manatee tours to visitors. Enjoy a three-hour excursion, complete with the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures. You can choose your tour, catered to your particular interests and tastes, with a variety of options. Either kayak alongside the manatees, or opt for a stand up paddleboard. Once it is time to swim with the manatees, our tour guides will make sure you are set with the appropriate wetsuit and snorkel gear. Have the opportunity to photograph and video these animals up close and personal. You will have the opportunity to interact with the manatees and take as many photographs and videos as you like. Our tour guides are familiar with the waterways of the Crystal River and know the best places to find manatees. This is a perfect excursion for a single person, or an entire group. Make memories that will last a lifetime with an amazing and rare opportunity to swim with this protected and endangered animal.